TangoNut Events is a site dedicated to the promotion of tango by disseminating information on tango events and news in Queensland and the Northern Rivers area of NSW, with a focus on Brisbane (QLD) and Byron Bay (NSW). The major ways in which news is spread through the tango community is via a weekly newsletter "TangoNut News" ( see below) and for visitors and locals alike, via a "Calender of Tango Events". Any tango school or event organiser can request to be included in the calender. I am not affiliated with any dance school and I do not promote any particular group, tango style or product. So the information you see is (hopefully) free of partisan or commercial interest.

In addition to spreading the news TangoNut Events promotes tango in practical ways by offering a Sunday afternoon Milonga on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of the month, and by inviting overseas teachers to perform and take workshops at the Valentine Festival (Brisbane) and the annual Byron Bay Tango Festival. The TangoNut Milonga showcases local teachers/instructors and local DJ’s. Visitors from interstate or overseas are welcome.

TangoNut News is a weekly newsletter which will be sent to your inbox mid week so your lives can be full of the beauty that is Argentine Tango. The current editors are myself (c.sernia@uq.edu.au) and Lydia (lcommins@bigpond.net.au). If you wish to subscribe, please follow the TangoNut news link.

Wishing you the joy of tango.


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